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Attention all mini-craftspeople!

With this wooden toolbox in classic workshop colours, children will become handymen and handywomen pros while role-playing.

The realistic accessories and tools such as a joiner angle with level or a handy toy electric drill which has bits that can be switched out with the help of magnets promote playtime fun and motivation for new building projects!

The flexible elastic bands inside the toolbox hold the tools in their positions when on-the-go.

Included in this set is an amazing. 6 wooden tools and comprehensive accessories.

The accessories and tools include 1 hammer, 1 screw-wrench, 1 screwdriver, 1 pair of pliers, 1 spirit level, 11 screws, 11 nuts, 1 cordless electric screwdriver, 3 bits, 4 large perforations, 4 medium-sized perforations, 4 small perforations. The clip latches allow everything to be stored securely, and the wooden handle allows the toolbox to be ready for the next job.

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Recomended age of 3 years +