Bamboo Unicorn Dining Set choice of colours

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Personalised Unicorn Bamboo Plate Set


The Tiny Dining range of stay put Bamboo Unicorn Shaped Plates is the mealtime revolution that beleaguered parents have been waiting for, with innovative "stay put" suction technology that keeps them fixed to the tabletop, immune to the impact of flailing little limbs.


Made from Bamboo Fibres - Organic & eco-friendly; naturally anti-bacterial & anti-microbial

Segmented Design - Keep different foods separate for easy feeding

Hand Wash Recommended - Wipe with beeswax or coconut oil once a month to maintain optimum condition

Personalisation: Please and name required to the personalisation box.

Style: You can choose between plate and spoon or plate spoon and bowl and also 6 amazing colours

Size: 23x21x5 cm